Bamfield is home to some of the most reliable and abundant fishing opportunities along the west coast. Anglers travel from all over to try both skill and luck in the intriguing pacific waters located in the breathtaking Barkley Sound. Bamfield is surrounded by the famous Deer Group and Broken Group which is suggested to be an anglers paradise. The fishing season begins to heat up during February and March when herring spawn in large numbers, attracting feeder chinook to the area. As the seasons move into Spring and Summer, fishing is greatly influenced by the Alberni Inlet. Massive salmon runs flow into the Barkley Sound directly from the Stamp and Somass River. Bamfield waters boast all 5 salmon species (chinook, coho, sockeye, chum and pink) as well as plenty of halibut and migratory fish. The bountiful and rich fishing season then continues on throughout the tail end of summer and into the fall. September salmon fishing can be some of the best of the season due to the decline in tourists and boat traffic. By October, the rainy season sets in and flushes fish back up the Alberni Inlet. In late January the cycle then repeats itself beginning with feeder chinook gathering back to the waters surrounding Bamfield thanks to the new year refresh of herring spawn. Crabbing and prawning are also fruitful off the Bamfield shore but be sure to check the regulations before dropping your traps and folks are reminded to release female crab, softshell and berried prawns. If you’re interested in fishing but unsure where to start, there are many reputable fishing charters located in Bamfield for those who may be inexperienced but want to partake in the exciting hobby of sport fishing.

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