Bamfield History

History: Bamfield Marine Science Centre & The West Coast Trail

Bamfield may be small compared to most places along the west coast, but it is rich in interesting history. The popularity of this little boardwalk community is rising, but where it all began will never be forgotten and will always be celebrated by locals and visitors alike. Nestled in on the Barkley Sound, Bamfield was […]

Why you should consider investing in Bamfield

Bamfield has been a hidden oasis on Vancouver Island for centuries, and now is the perfect time to invest in this tiny resort-like town. Resting 2.5 hours west of Port Alberni, Bamfield has been operating at a more relaxing pace compared to the hustle and bustle of the rest of Vancouver Island. Bamfield is somewhere […]

5 Interesting Outdoor Opportunities in Bamfield

Bamfield is the heart of unique outdoor and educational experiences. Between sandy, tropical-like beaches, rugged coastal hikes, rich history and marine education, there is a lot to explore in this slice of Canadian heaven. Below are 5 interesting opportunities to see Bamfield in its true beauty, learn about aquatic wildlife and get a taste of […]